Follow Up Actions


MBPJ schedule listed the public budget dialogue for 9-September 2016 but to date, no RA/RT had received notice of the meeting. As at 8-September 2016, no councilors have received the proposed draft budget yet.

MyPJ has sent an email on 5th September 2016 with an attachment to Mayor, Deputy Mayor, PR Director, Chief Financial Officer. listing out the information and format of the budget dialogue.  Members of MyPJ have also forwarded the information to EXCO Ean Yong.

Last year, before the dialogue for the 2016 budget , we have published a similar press statement. Our requests were ignored without the courtesy of even an acknowledgment.

  • 8-9-16 Rajendran contacted MBPJ PR department, was told that 9-9-16 discussion was meant for internal discussion. MBPJ Monthly schedule indicates that it is “Pembentangan Bajet NGO”.  When Jabatan Perbendahaaran was asked, they refer us to the PR Department. We have confirmation that no councilors have received their draft budget  yet.
  • awaiting MBPJ reply








As per press conference on 30th June 2016

Shoddy Workmanship

  • Details of approved tenders to be available on MBPJ website.
  • Bill of Quantities (BQ) to be downloadable in Excel format as per Open Data guidelines.


  • MBPJ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)to be available on MBPJ website
  • A mid-term public review of Budget Jan-Jun 2016 on the first week of August 2016. Summaries of Budget versus Actual spendings to be available 1 week before the public meeting. The budget thrust and theme for 2017 should also be announced.
  • A budget dialogue be held on the 3rd week of September 2016 to review the draft budget.
  • The budgeting process should incorporate Instutionalised Public Participation,  Zero Base base budgeting instead of incremental budgeting and Budget Monitoring Committee.

Business Licensing and Procurement

  • text to be filled in

Access to Information

  • text to be filled in

PJ-Safe City

  • text to be filled in