Safe City

Of late Petaling Jaya has become like a war-zone with barbed wires surrounding housing estates and its residents fearful of robberies. Established neighbours around Jalan Gasing had also experienced break-ins and rape cases. An article stated “Petaling Jaya experiences almost as much crime in a single day as the state of Pahang in a month”.

30th June 2016 – Residents breach MBPJ guidelines to stay safe


The RA of Lengkuk Golf SS7 Kelana Jaya issued a Press Statement Below. It summarise the residents expectation for MBPJ to do more to make the city safer.


09-04-15 STAR – More than 150 guarded communities yet to register with MBPJ

03-04-15 STAR – Ruling on boom gates in housing estates timely

27-03-15 STAR – Ruling on boom gates expected to encourage better regulation

26-03-15 STAR – Court: Boom gates are legal in residential areas

25-03-15 STAR – Boom gates in residential areas legal, rules Federal Court

25-03-15 STAR – Okay to have boom gates, guardhouses in housing estates