Budget 2017 Chronology


5 September – Letter to mayor (no reply to this letter, but Corporate Communication did invite us to attend the budget dialogue)

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Dear Datuk Bandar

We the residents of Petaling Jaya are looking forward to the budget dialogue for 2017.

Following tradition we are sending you our wish list for structural changes that is needed to enable the production of a budget that is realistic to the peoples needs, transparent and impactful.

We have also formed a task force consisting of qualified accountants, engineers and other professionals that will be able to collaborate with your office to ensure true public participation in the creation of the budget.

I hope that you will use your good office to evaluate all our suggestions and to implement it.

The residents are now awaiting for the required information so that we can prepare to provide constructive feedback at the dialogue.

We look forward to your reply.


Secretariat – MyPJ