MBPJ Councilors

There are altogether 24 councillors in MBPJ. They come from 3 political parties

  • PKR – 12 councillors (Include 1 NGO councillor)
  • DAP- 10 councillors (include 1 NGO councillor)
  • Amanah – 1 councillor 

CLICK here to get a PDF list of MBPJ Councilors for 2021/22 (and zone map)

Councillors are all politically appointed. When Pakatan Harapan first won the state of Selangor in 2008  25% of the 24 seats were allocated to NGOs and individuals that were not members of political parties. However,  they were chosen by politicians themselves. Each of the 3 parties nominated their NGO councilors. Some of the NGO councilors that have served in MBPJ are:

  • Richard Yeoh
  • Anthony Thanasayan (OKU)
  • Derek Fernandez
  • Kavin Thayalan
  • Cynthia Gabriel
  • Siew Ching (OKU)

There were NGO councillors present in other councils, notably MPSJ where NGO councillors like Dato Chang Kim Loong had served in. However, political parties later took over all the NGO allocations until only one NGO councillor Derek Fernandez was left. Derek (a lawyer with his own practice) has served continuously since 2008 and was dropped as a councillor for one term. He is currently a MBPJ councilor.

For the term 2020/21, MYPJ requested YB Tony Pua to allocate us the 25% quota of NGO councillors. He obliged by accepting one of our nominations Kavin Thayalan.

The Current NGO Councilors are:

  1. Derek Fernandez (Nominated under PKR)
  2. Kavin Thayalan (2nd term) (Nominated under DAP)

Political parties normally award their loyal members a councillor position that may lead to the possibility of nomination as an ADUN in the next election. Councillors like Jamaliah and Lim Yee Wei served as councillors as a term before being elevated as ADUN of Damansara Utama and Kampung Tunku respectively.

Councillors are all to follow a whip who will tell them the party stand on certain issues. It is expected that councillors need to comply with the wishes of the whip who will take instruction from the party. The following are the party whips.


MYPJ continue to advocate for the re-introduction of LOCAL COUNCIL ELECTIONS in order that the people interest is upheld instead of political interest.