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Who are we:

  • We are caring citizens, organisations and business entities residents, NGOs, academics, professionals and business people who loves Petaling Jaya and would like to see it develop into a model liveable city.
  • We recognize the importance of tri-sectoral partnership as a platform to solve multi-discipline and multi-faceted problems often faced by local councils.
  • Our stakeholder group consists of residents, business owners and include professional lawyers, engineers, doctors, town planners and accountant. In support of a more liveable city MyPJ will be offering professionals to work as experts under different  task force to assist and partner with MBPJ in solving the city problems.
  • In achieving Sustainablel Development we strive for “substance over form” meaning we will be measuring success based on the impact of the activity rather than the quantity of activities carried out.
  • We believe that to become a model Liveable city, MBPJ would need to work within a good governance framework that upholds the good principles of Sustainable Development.
  • The frame work for governance should cover both internal processes (Corporate Governance) as well oversight by the public (Public Governance). Public Governance is enhanced by observing the three access principles mentioned in P10 of the Earth Summit Declaration which are:
    • Access to Information
    • Access to Public Participation
    • Access to Justice
  • The framework for Sustainable Development will be Local Agenda 21 which MBPJ had been well recognized as an implementation leader among local councils in Malaysia for over a decade. The recent global accord on Sustainable Development Goals (2016-2020) which Malaysia is also a signatory will provide 17 specific goals that need to be achieved before the vision of a sustainable and liveable city can be achieved.
  • The principles of public governance are embodied in “Guideline on Public Consultation Procedures” produced by the Malaysia Productivity Centre and adopted by the Malaysia Government.
  • MyPJ subscribes to the guidelines of P10, LA21, SDG for Sustainable Development and the Malaysia Participation Guide lines for Public Consultation.


The following parties support and are updated of the work performed by MY-PJ. Partners meet regularly and offer experts that synergistically work together to further the aims of this grouping.

The Caring and Concern Citizens of Petaling Jaya include:


  • Coalition of Good Governance


  • Friends of Kota Damansara
  • Friends of Kelana Jaya Park
  • Friends of Taman Aman
  • C4 – Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism



  • RA Kayangan Apartment RA
  • RA Lengkuk Golf SS7
  • RA SS20 Central Zone
  • RA D’Villa Equestrian
  • RA Selangor Polo and Equestrain Club
  • RA Section 13
  • RA SS4C/4D
  • RT Sek22
  • KRT Desa Mentari Blok 9
  • KRT Desa Mentari Blok 5
  • KRT Desa Mentari Blok 1
  • KRT SS20 Damansara Utama
  • KRT Taman Gasing Indah
  • KRT Damansara Utama (SS21) Zon C
  • KRT SS48
  • KRT SS5D
  • KRT Blok A & B Seksyen 8 Kota Damansara
  • KRT SS 22A Damansara Jaya
  • RA Damansara Jaya

MBPJ-Ex Councilors

  • Cynthia Gabriel
  • Richard Yeoh

Secretariat: Coalition of Good Governance



Twitter: @taxpayerpj


Telephone: 012-2347223


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