MBPJ 16 million damages

MyPJ: We await to see the results of the audit report

MBPJ councillors with the police report at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters in Section 8

PETALING Jaya city councilors have lodged a police report seeking investigation on a deal that nearly got the council headquarters sealed last month after it lost a case at the Shah Alam High Court.

Nine of them lodged the report at the Section 8 Petaling Jaya police station yesterday.

The court case, involving a terminated 3R recycling boxes project, saw a third party taking MBPJ to court over losses it had suffered as it had an agreement with the contractor working with the city council.

MBPJ was ordered to pay the third party RM16mil in damages or have its premises sealed.

Petaling Jaya mayor Datuk Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain said that he did not know anything about the case and had ordered that future legal matters be presented at the council’s legal technical committee meeting to keep all concerned in the loop.

At the police station, councillor Derek Fernandez said it was shocking and highly irregular that a case involving millions of ringgit was not brought to the attention of MBPJ’s legal committee and the councillors.

He added that all of them were kept in the dark and only found out about the case when court bailiffs arrived to seal the MBPJ headquarters in Jalan Yong Shook Lin on Nov 30.

It was said that the council had violated a Shah Alam High Court order to pay millions in compensation to the aggrieved party.

“When the legal department was queried they claimed that the appointed third party lawyer failed to protect the interests of MBPJ,” he said.

In the police report, the councillors stated that documents they had requested in the case had not been handed over.

“We have yet to see the documents, it makes us think something is amiss if they cannot hand it over.

“Is this even a genuine case? How can we lose a case if we haven’t even fought for it yet,” said Fernandez.

Currently, councillors have formed an audit team to investigate this further internally and also appointed a new lawyer.

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