Welcome caring citizens of PJ

We are residents, businesses and organisations operating within Petaling Jaya and supportive of Petaling Jaya vision of being a liveable city.

We also believe that for PJ to progress, there must be close collaboration and communication between MBPJ and its stakeholders. In that respect we continue to uphold the principle of public participation as embodied in Local Agenda 21.

We are also caring citizens that are concern enough to learn and study about issues that are confronting Petaling Jaya and seek to provide our cooperation to enable Petaling Jaya to become a model liveable city in Malaysia.

You can interact with us on twitter using hashtag #mypj

You can follow us on twitter at taxpayerpj

You can email us at mypj2016@gmail.com

You can interact with us on FaceBook

This website will also try to publish information that is relevant for you to function as a stakeholder and also to highlight some of the challenges that we face along the way.

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